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How To Clean, And Not To Clean, A Glass Cooking Surface


What you should know BEFORE you Clean your Glass Top Stove


This is a great post about how to care for a class top stove. As an agent, I often see homes with stoves that look just like the one in this photo. It's so important to have your appliances looking their best when you sell your home. For many home-buyers, this is a sign of how you care for your home. I know even the tidiest homeowners can have a stove that ends up looking like the one below because they don't know how to care for it. A home-buyer may not realize that if they've never owned a glass top stove. I've heard from other clients there is a product at the local hardware store you can buy. I think sharing an article such as this one is a better idea. Not having had a glass top stove, I've never had to clean one. I came across this article from fellow blogger Jay Markanich. It is an excellent article about cleaning a glass cook top stove surface. 


So, what to do - how to clean, and not to clean, a glass cooking surface.

There really are some should do and should not do things!

Gee, which burner do you think this household used most, and incorrectly cleaned the most?

Which is second?

Which is third?

There is a lot going on here!  It's ugly!

This is a good subject cook top to give you the scoop.

Look at the photo!  That's an easy call.

Keep in mind - if you damage or break the cooking surface, replacing it alone costs as much as replacing the entire appliance!  So be very mindful!



Don't  use copper, aluminum or cast iron pans or pots when you cook.  They will discolor the surface.  And cast iron can be rough and irreversibly scratch the surface.   If you drop a cast iron anything it can crack the surface.

Don't  put any weight on the surface beyond pots and pans.  Leaning on the surface, or kneeling on it to get to a cabinet above, can crack it!

>  Don't  leave spills on the surface.  They will harden dramatically and become extremely difficult to get off.  And sugary spills will pit the surface.  Spatulas of wood or silicone work well to remove spills right away.  Or, being careful, a damp rag.  These surfaces get really hot!

>  Don't  ever clean with any product that contains ammonia!  Bona fide studies show this!  Over time ammonia will cause an opaque staining or discoloration on the surface.  This seems counter-intuitive as ammonia is a great glass cleaner.  But not in this case.  The heat will act chemically with ammonia over time and the damage is permanent.  Other cleaners with scratchy abrasive cleansers, or vinegar, or steel wool pads, or the like, will similarly damage the surface.

Look at the surface above and you will see evidence of many of these mistakes!



Do  clean ANY spills immediately.  Like was mentioned above, the right spatulas or damp rags work well.  After cooking you can clean any spills easily with a small, razor-blade paint scraper.  They are available at any paint or hardware store.  Keep it flat and at an angle.  You don't want to scratch the surface.  We keep our scraper in the kitchen tool drawer nearby.  It makes quick work of any spill, grease or otherwise.

Do  wait for the surface to cool to give it a better cleaning.  Often there is a "Hot Surface" light which will stay on for some time.  When it goes out the surface is ready for cleaning.

Do  use one of the cleansers made for glass cook surfaces.  They are thick, and sometimes like toothpaste, and come in various brands.  Cleaners like Simple Green or plain soap and water work as well.

Do  something extra if a spill will not come off.  Make a paste out of water and baking soda.  Mound it up on the spill and let it sit a spell.  Then wipe it off!  By the way, the Scoutmaster in me wants you to know that paste will work to relieve the pain of bee stings and the itch from mosquito bites.

Do  polish the surface when you are done.  A clean towel or rag will buff the surface nicely.

My recommendation:  be nice to your appliances and fixtures and they will be nice to you!  If you are using something for the first time, investigate how to best do things!  It is so easy these days to research most anything.  There are many helpful people out there!  Take advantage!



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Good morning, Carla Freund what a great selection for a reblog....I'll leave a comment for Jay.... I have a glass top and I'm sooo careful with it...

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Hi Barbara, Thank you. Yes, please do leave a comment for Jay. I did the same when I found this on another blog. It's a great article!

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