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"How Can You Keep Up On Active Rain When You Are So Busy?"...Here's My Daily Approach

If you're struggling with trying to blog and get on Active Rain on a regular basis then this blog by Karen Fiddler is a must read.  I admit, I find AR very valuable to Google Juice and I also find great info on AR.  I'm one of those still figuring it out and how I can contribute.  Getting on AR on a regular basis, reading other blogs, subscribing to other blogs, and commenting back and forth really goes a long way.  There's still more to learn.  Plus, I'm certain AR will always look for way to improve.  So good luck to all those like me are are still trying to grasp all there is to do with AR.


I hear this all the time......"How can you keep up on blogging when you're so busy?" I hear this from agents and I hear this from clients. I have quite a few clients who read my blogs regularly. I've actually been called a junkie....well, maybe. And I am an early riser, which helps. But the fact of the matter is I care about maximizing my Active Rain account (yes, that means points), so I need to work it into a daily routine.

So if it helps, here is my daily plan on Active Rain:

1) First thing in the morning, I log onto Active Rain and check my "points summary." I always start here to see if any of my posts have been reblogged. I always stop by to read those and thank the blogger for the reblog. ( and yes, that's 25 points per comment).

2) Next I check the Daily Drop and Featured Posts. Often there is a theme for that day, and I like to see what that is, and comment on any/all interesting discussions.

3) I then check my favorite bloggers' posts to see what they are talking about....and between them and the main blog roll, I finish up my comments. For points anyway. It's not that I will only comment on 10 blogs per day....I check back frequently throughout the day, but I do want to capitalize on the morning time to get the basics out of the way. I have never found a day when I couldn't find 10 posts interesting enough to comment upon.

4) After I finish my comments, I then look to see about writing a blog post. There are many avenues for this:

* I review the previous day's activity...anything interesting there? Successes or Failures?
* I reread the featured posts and Daily Drop to see if I can add to a discussion via post
* I think about my day outside of real estate
* I consider if I have an opinion/motivation that might inspire anyone else (this is one of those)
* I embarrass my family....or Alan May....those always work
* I support the Lakers, although that's tough right now :/

A quick read through my blog would certainly show that the above is true. You get the idea. All this takes me less than half an hour in the morning....provided the coffee is strong. I also supplement these steps throughout the day. Sometimes a post will present itself later in the day, or I find some spare time. But normally I can knock out the basics first thing in the morning....even on a busy day.

And here's another quick tip. If you haven't built up a solid base of readers yet, blogging in the morning is a great way to have your post seen in the blog roll by the most agents. I hear evening is good too....but again, I'm an early riser, so evening (yawn) seems too late for my to engage in intelligent conversation.



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If you're struggling with trying to blog and get on ActiveRain on a regular basis then this blog by Karen Fiddler is a must read. I admit, I find AR very valuable to Google Juice and I also find great info on AR. I'm one of those still figuring… more
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